Hydroponics, new method in agricultural development

What is hydroponics definition?

The term hydroponics comes from a Greek word hydro meaning water, and hydroponics refers to growing plants in a soilless environment.

It is a soilless growing technique that utilizes a nutrient and water solution in place of the nutrients that a plant extracts from soil. This allows the plants’ nutrient uptake to be much more efficient than soil-grown, resulting in greater yields from less inputs.


What is the hydroponic cultivation method?

Regarding the quantitative and qualitative limitations of water and soil resources and the need of obtaining food for the growing population of the country, it is required to adopt novel policies in this regard. Accordingly, in the past years, special attention was paid to the production of agricultural products in controlled environments, especially soilless or hydroponic culture systems.

In this approach, the plant handles its complete life cycle and reproduction without contact with its natural environment, i.e. soil. In the cultivation of plants outside the root soil, the plant is fed by a mineral fluid medium called a nutrient solution.

This nutrient solution, water, and dissolved oxygen provide minerals to plants in the form of ions derived from soluble salts and sometimes under the form of organic chelates (such as iron). As a result, the features of this technology are root nutrition by nutrient solution, and sometimes a neutral substrate is applied as a facility.


What plants can be grown with hydroponic cultivation?

Various plants can be grown hydroponically, but some are more successful in this system. Hydroponic cultivation is ideal for crops with resistant fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy plants such as lettuce, vegetables and fast-growing plants.


Hydroponic cultivation method in Azar Tarvand Aras greenhouses:

Azar tarvand Aras International Agro-Industry Company, in its modern venlo greenhouses, has started to produce various types of tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplants by hydroponic cultivation.


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