The head of the East Azarbaijan Agricultural Bank visited the Azar Tarvand Aras agro-industrial project

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Mr. Mahmoudi, the esteemed head of the Agricultural Bank of East Azerbaijan Province, along with the Deputy Minister of Credit, Mr. Aghayi and the experts of the Central department of the Agricultural Bank of the East Azerbaijan Province visited the under-construction project of Azar Tarvand Aras.

This project started in April 2021 and is located in Aras Free Zone. During this visit, the managers and engineers of Azar Tarvand Aras Company spoke about the generalities of the project, including the stages of construction of glass greenhouses, the volume of investment, the company’s future products, and the export of these products to other countries.

Mr. Mahmoudi and his accompanying delegation visited the equipment of the workshop and the progress of the project and met with the colleagues of the company worked in the glass greenhouse site.
Mr. Mahmoudi expressed hope and satisfaction about the future of this project, considering the rapid progress of the project in the past few months.

Due to the approaching completion of the project excavation and the start of construction of the structure, as well as the investments that will be made in the construction of the greenhouse, they announced that the necessary cooperation will be done to receive the required facilities from the Agricultural Bank.

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