The beginning of the saffron harvest season

Azar Tarvand Aras International Agro-industry Complex, with an area of about 40 hectares of land, in its first phase has started cultivating saffron on a land of about 1 hectare. Saffron cultivation has been done in mid-September of this year by measuring the climatic conditions of the region, surveys of the collection research and development […]

History of the establishment of agro-industry in Iran

How were the first agro-industries created in Iran? From a historical viewpoint, the development of high agricultural units called agro-industry by attracting Iranian and foreign capital for Fourth Plan (1968 to 1973), before the Islamic Revolution, was regarded by the government as the establishment of Iranian-California companies (Trance World California Company as the first Iranian-American […]

Principles of cultivation of plants in hydroponic greenhouses

Principles of cultivation of greenhouse plants: Every plant requires special situations due to light intensity, daily temperature, night temperature, relative humidity, and soil moisture to have optimal growth. For the production and commercial cultivation of high-quality plants throughout the year, proper environmental situations should be controlled along with harmful factors such as wind, destructive storms, […]

How does agricultural development affect the human generation?

What is the meaning of agriculture? Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. Agriculture is the key to the development of human civilization. Agriculture obtains food resources for the growth and life of humans and living organisms by domesticating and selecting various plant and animal species. The origins of agriculture date […]

The characteristics of the greenhouse construction site

Construction of different types of greenhouses: One of the initial decisions to be made is to create the greenhouse as an isolated unit, in contact with present buildings or as a section of novel buildings. Interconnected greenhouses usually have lower construction and heating costs and easier access, but plants receive less light. Interconnected greenhouses must […]

Hydroponics, new method in agricultural development

What is hydroponics definition? The term hydroponics comes from a Greek word hydro meaning water, and hydroponics refers to growing plants in a soilless environment. It is a soilless growing technique that utilizes a nutrient and water solution in place of the nutrients that a plant extracts from soil. This allows the plants’ nutrient uptake […]