Benefits of hydroponic cultivation

Azar Tarvand at a glance

Azar Tarvand Aras International Agro-Industry Co. relying on modern sciences and knowledge of subsidiary experts and combining agricultural, industrial, and service operations involving production, maintenance, and processing, marketing and sales of agricultural products on a large scale and under management and organizational frameworks, this complex plays an important role in economic prosperity and job creation for young people of this border and canvas.


Products and services

The company was constructed in an area of about 38 hectares and the overall initial credit of 185 million Euro in the northwestern region of the country, East Azerbaijan province, and Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone. Based on preliminary studies, this agro-industry has formed a greenhouse production unit and applied the latest technologies in the field of greenhouse structures of Venlo glass and hydroponic systems in an area of about 25 hectares to grow various vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, etc.


Our purpose

Regarding the production plans, it is estimated that the company is able to employ 270 people directly and 500 indirectly. The company aims to attract young and expert academic forces in all fields of agriculture and industry, increase the productivity of factors and resources as well as canonicalization of production, and create and strengthen the scientific, technical, and economic mechanisms of the sustainable system of exploitation and using new agricultural methods inhibits land crushing and takes a firm step towards the development and implementation of the law of original policies.


Last word

The company follows to complete the production chain, increase production per unit area applying the potential facilities of water, soil, and energy of the region and optimal management of resources, capital, and food security to take the main stage towards obtaining healthy and adequate food for the country and increasing the capability to export agricultural products to global markets.