Project Execution Position

Regarding feasibility research conducted to choose beneficial lands for cultivation and industry of Azar Tarvand Aras, Jolfa lands, especially Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone, were selected as the turning point of the establishment of this complex. Aras Free Zone in northwest of Iran located at zero border point in proximity to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Based on the resolution of the Council of Ministers on 28/07/2005 with the number 20708/t530820, the area of Aras Free Zone consisted of 9700 hectares of land in which based on the novel decree of this honorable delegation in 14/12/1387, the area increased to 51 thousand hectares including parts of two cities of Jolfa and Khoda Afarin.

Aras Free Zone during the last three programs of economic, social, and cultural development, with the support of knowledge-based management and capable consultants and expert staff and motivated to become a leading region inside and in terms of performance in the real sense of free zones, has become the model of other free zones in the region and countries of the region.

Aras Free Zone in the blessing of privileged geoeconomic position and access to international capital markets and relying on outstanding facilities of transit and re-export development, high export capabilities and with the following provisions The development of commercial activities along with customs and centers of unloading and loading of goods and the pattern of entering the WTO has been able to promote the role of national economy’s synergy with the global economy, providing the ground for constructive interaction of the country with the world.

Aras Free Zone has played a significant role in producing science and technology in the country applying expert and effective human resources in different fields and by establishing an international academic hub and scientific and educational interactions with neighboring countries, newly independent states, and the Middle East to have advanced knowledge and as an ICT information and communication technology center.

Aras Free Zone has become an international area of tourism, recreation, health, and treatment, backed by valuable protected ecological areas, beneficial climate, rich water resources, international forest reserves, favorable environment, and tourism development capabilities in historical, cultural, natural, and sports fields.

Aras Free Zone by empowering and using the capacities, opportunities, and potentials of the mainland was one of the major players in the country’s success and competitiveness in the development of industrial, mining, agriculture, services, and access to new technologies and the country’s first economic position in the region, and the deepening of security at the borders.

Aras Free Zone has played the most constructive role in the country in recent years to introduce pure Islamic religions and ancient national culture, organize population establishment, continuously reform laws governing business, and establish understandings with other countries to develop economic, social, and cultural cooperation.